Fundamentals of road maintenance using Graders


Workshop contents include:   

    • Principles of Soil Erosion and water flow control related to grading.
    • BMP’s specifically related to road maintenance utilizing a Grader,
    • Introduction to Road construction basics,
    • Grader functions and terminology.
    • Grader operation basics.
    • Essential grading points.
    • BMP planning and installation options related to road maintenance,
    • Rapid Assessment methodology
    • Develop grading plan based on in field Rapid Assessments
    •  Implement the grading plan.
    • Onsite Grader demonstrations,


Workshop format – 2 Days.

Day 1: ½ day class room, ½ day Rapid Assessment and creation of a grading plan for day 2.

Day 2: Field day focused on grader operation basics, demonstration of a variety of techniques plus implementation of grading plan.


Prerequisites required – None